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    City or Township Vacaville, CA
    Postal Code 95688, CA
    Neighborhood Neighborhood, Vacaville, CA
    School District School District, County, CA
    Listing Service Area Area, CA
    Address 123 Main St, Vacaville, CA
    Street Main St, Vacaville, CA
    Listing ID #123456
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    Listed below is a list of recent properties that I have represented either the Buyer, Seller or both during the sale.   I would be happy to provide a list of references upon request.    

    167 Lighthouse Dr, Vallejo, CA Condo/Townhome/Condo/Coop/Other sold.
    2 Bd / 2F/0H Ba
    918 sqft,  1 Stories
    Listing #: 21615476
    Represented: Seller
    1804 Glacier Ct, Martinez, CA Single Family/Single Family sold.
    Single Family/Single Family
    3 Bd / 2F/0H Ba
    1 Stories
    Listing #: 21608742
    Represented: Seller
    307 Rosemarie Pl, Bay Point, CA Condo/Townhome/Condo/Coop/Other sold.
    2 Bd / 1F/1H Ba
    1206 sqft,  2 Stories
    Listing #: 21608608
    Represented: Seller
    1804 Glacier Ct, MARTINEZ, CA Single Family/Detached sold.
    Single Family/Detached
    3 Bd / 2 Ba
    1191 sqft,  1 Stories
    Listing #: 40737379
    Represented: Seller
    249 Santa Barbara Way, Fairfield, CA Single Family/Single Family sold.
    Single Family/Single Family
    3 Bd / 2F/0H Ba
    1306 sqft,  1 Stories
    Listing #: 21607363
    Represented: Seller
  • Tony Fisher

    • 701 Oakmont Ct DANVILLE, CA 701 Oakmont Ct, DANVILLE, CA Single Family/Detached for sale. $900,000 
    • 2049 Hillridge Dr Fairfield, CA 2049 Hillridge Dr, Fairfield, CA Single Family/Single Family for sale. $560,000 
    • 351 Montecillo WALNUT CREEK, CA 351 Montecillo, WALNUT CREEK, CA Single Family/Detached for sale. $1,299,000 
    • 624 Birchwood Ct DANVILLE, CA 624 Birchwood Ct, DANVILLE, CA Single Family/Detached for sale. $975,000 
    • 3780 FIRPOINTE ST SAN RAMON, CA 3780 FIRPOINTE ST, SAN RAMON, CA Single Family/Detached for sale. $959,900 
    • 1066 S WEDGEWOOD RD SAN RAMON, CA 1066 S WEDGEWOOD RD, SAN RAMON, CA Single Family/Detached for sale. $1,488,238 
    • 1435 Menton St DANVILLE, CA 1435 Menton St, DANVILLE, CA Single Family/Detached for sale. $1,289,000 
    • 2027 Cliffwood Dr Fairfield, CA 2027 Cliffwood Dr, Fairfield, CA Single Family/Single Family for sale. $505,000 
    • 3215 La Quinta Ct Fairfield, CA 3215 La Quinta Ct, Fairfield, CA Single Family/Single Family for sale. $549,000 
    • 776 Overture Ln Fairfield, CA 776 Overture Ln, Fairfield, CA Single Family/Single Family for sale. $749,000 
    • 2958 Lethbridge Court PLEASANTON, CA 2958 Lethbridge Court, PLEASANTON, CA Single Family/Detached for sale. $965,000 
    • 2162 Mornington Lane SAN RAMON, CA 2162 Mornington Lane, SAN RAMON, CA Single Family/Detached for sale. $1,268,888 
    • 21 Kendall Circle MORAGA, CA 21 Kendall Circle, MORAGA, CA Single Family/Detached for sale. $1,450,900 
    • ADDRESS UNAVAILABLE PLEASANTON, CA listing photo $1,195,950 
    • 731 Lake Mead Place SAN RAMON, CA 731 Lake Mead Place, SAN RAMON, CA Single Family/Detached for sale. $1,048,000 
    • 3237 Arbor Dr PLEASANTON, CA 3237 Arbor Dr, PLEASANTON, CA Single Family/Detached for sale. $1,199,999 
    • 2217 Hillridge Dr Fairfield, CA 2217 Hillridge Dr, Fairfield, CA Single Family/Single Family for sale. $647,000 
    • 1019 Shire Ct Fairfield, CA 1019 Shire Ct, Fairfield, CA Single Family/Single Family for sale. $435,000 
    • 1364 Sonata Dr Fairfield, CA 1364 Sonata Dr, Fairfield, CA Single Family/Single Family for sale. $489,000 
    • 109 Feliz Court DANVILLE, CA 109 Feliz Court, DANVILLE, CA Single Family/Detached for sale. $1,199,950 
  • Daily News

    • 3 Ways Soapstone Enhances Home Design

      (Family Features)--Move over, marble and granite. There’s a new, old stone that’s coming back into vogue. After first coming into use 5,000 years ago, soapstone is once again becoming a “go-to” material for kitchen and bath designs, indoor and outdoor living spaces and more.

      There are three primary reasons for the revived interest in soapstone, according to Steven Schrenk, digital media director and design consultant at Polycor, who has been working with natural stone for 22 years.

      Aesthetics: One major factor driving soapstone’s appeal is shifting aesthetic trends. While designers and homeowners have been fascinated by the bright, wide range of colors and bold patterns that could be discovered in natural stone, people are coming back to a tonal, more muted palette, according to Schrenk.

      Schrenk sees more designers working with textures within a similar palette of color and playing up the tactile qualities of materials and patterns within that limited palette.

      “This is where soapstone plays well in pairing with these different finishes,” he said. “It tends to blend into its space and become more integrated in the whole design instead of being a separate, individual entity.”

      Another aesthetic benefit of soapstone is that multiple tonalities can be achieved depending on the finishing techniques.

      “It may be a cool, blue-gray color when left in its natural honed state or a deep, sultry black when waxed or enhanced,” Schrenk said. “You can go from a highly figured, dramatic statement piece to a minimal and moody silky surface in the slabs that are neutral without veining.”

      Function: When it comes to home design, there’s no doubt that appearance is key, but so is a material’s ability to stand up to its task. Soapstone is nonporous, so it doesn’t stain. It’s softer than granite and marble, dense and heavy, but not brittle. It doesn’t chip easily, but if it does chip, it can be repaired with sandpaper. Those high-performance features make soapstone well-suited to serve numerous functions.

      Versatility: “No matter how you slice it, there are 101 ways to style soapstone; whereas with some other materials, there are more limitations,” Schrenk said.

      Because of the stone’s ability to absorb and radiate heat, it can be used for unique items, such as pizza ovens and foot warmers, says Glenn Bowman, owner of Vermont Soapstone. He has also seen soapstone used in a variety of everyday applications, both indoors and outdoors, including tiles, flooring, backsplashes, sinks and a variety of custom stonework.

      Source: usenaturalstone.com. 

      Published with permission from RISMedia.

      Thu, 01 Dec 2016

    • Tips for Handling the Holidays after a Divorce

      There is no easy time to go through a divorce, but handling your first holiday alone can be extra hard. Here are three other things to remember when dealing with the holidays following divorce.

      1. Think about the Children First. First and foremost, remember the children. No matter how you and your ex-spouse feel about each other, you both love your children, and they need to understand and experience this. This means that you need to keep any negative feelings towards your ex to yourself.

      2. Don't Overcompensate. There is a temptation to overcompensate for a divorce by "buying your children's love" at holiday time. Trying to outdo the other parent by purchasing more or higher priced presents won't make your children love you any more; it will only confuse them and inflate your credit card bill.

      3. Plan Schedules That Work. The holiday season can be demanding enough as it is; as a recently divorced single parent, it can be even more difficult. As you are planning schedules keep the children in mind. Be thoughtful about timing of transitions for the children keeping in mind traditions, sleep and meal schedules. These things are more important than making sure you and your ex have equal holiday time. Also take care of yourself. Make time to unwind and relax every day. This will help you be a better parenting during this challenging time.

      Source: www.Boystown.org.

      Published with permission from RISMedia.

      Thu, 01 Dec 2016

    • Be Wary of Winter Scam Artists

      While the holidays are a time of joy and togetherness, they are also a time when scam artists prey on unsuspecting consumers. ScamAwareness.org, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public about financial fraud, is warning consumers to watch out for three scams that typically increase during the holidays. 

      Internet Purchase Scam 
      The internet purchase scam is consistently the top fraud complaint reported by U.S. consumers each year. According to the National Retail Federation, this holiday season customers are expected to spend an estimated $117 billion online. These shoppers are prime targets for scam artists offering merchandise, gift cards and even pets at a steep discount. Many of these offers look too good to be true, and they usually are. Consumers should never wire money for an online purchase. A money transfer is the same as cash and once it is received it cannot be recovered.

      Fake Charity 
      American charities receive one-third of their annual donations during the holiday season. Scammers take advantage of this outpouring of goodwill by creating new charities or misusing the name and brand of a well-known charity to get donations sent directly to them. Before donating, consumers should verify that the charity and its web address are legitimate. When sending the money, use a check or credit card instead of a wire transfer or cash for donations.

      Holiday Employment 
      Holiday employment scams have many different twists. Some scammers target people looking to earn extra money by offering a person a job that involves spending money up front for "training" or a "start-up kit" that the victim never receives. Other fraudsters may send a fake check to a "new hire" and ask them to cash it, keep some of the money as payment, and then wire what's left back to them. The victims in both of these situations end up losing their money and a job they thought they had. Consumers should be aware that no legitimate company will ask them to pay money in order to earn money.

      "Consumers should never send money to someone they really don't know. While they are enjoying their holidays, fraudsters are hard at work plotting to take their money," says Juan Agualimpia, executive vice president of ScamAwareness.org. "Our organization works year-round to help spread the word about common scams and we hope that all consumers will use ScamAwareness.org as a resource this holiday season to learn how to spot scams and protect themselves and their family members."  

      Consumers who think they've been scammed should contact their local police immediately.

      Source: scamawareness.org.

      Published with permission from RISMedia.

      Thu, 01 Dec 2016

    • Cold, Bronchitis or Pneumonia? How to Tell the Difference

      When illness hits hard, it can be hard to differentiate symptoms—especially when you're curled up in bed. However, it is important people are aware of the differences between a cold, bronchitis and pneumonia so that you know when to seek professional help.

      - Colds may be characterized by a clear runny nose, cough, and a low-grade or lack of fever. While it is one of the most common infectious diseases, it is usually mild and resolves without treatment.

      - Bronchitis happens when air passages are inflamed. Possible symptoms may include: a frequent cough with mucus, wheezing, fever, and a lack of energy. Brought on by a viral infection, acute bronchitis is more prevalent of the two basic types. Chronic bronchitis is a cough that lasts 2 to 3 months annually, for at least two years—typically caused by smoking.

      - Pneumonia produces fluid in the lungs due to an infection. Symptoms may include a cough, fever and difficulty breathing. Older adults, babies and people with other illnesses may need to be hospitalized for treatment.

      Source: USA Medical, ABC 4 Utah

      Published with permission from RISMedia.

      Wed, 30 Nov 2016

    • 5 Easy Steps for a Cleaner Home

      (Family Features)--Whether it is a family dinner after a long day at work, sitting down with a book on a rainy day or entertaining friends during the weekend, there is nothing like spending quality time in the comfort of your own home. With a few simple steps, you can have a fresher, cleaner and healthier home, taking comfort to a whole new level.

      Leave your shoes at the door. The bottoms of shoes can track bacteria and chemicals into the home from the outdoors that you may not notice. Create a designated station near the front door to drop shoes off – this can serve as a reminder for your family as they walk in, and guests will hopefully follow suit when they arrive.

      Disinfect the handles on doors and appliances. Viruses and bacteria can live on indoor surfaces for several hours, and sometimes even days. Get into the habit of wiping down doorknobs and handles, especially in the bathroom, with disinfectant each night or after use to limit the spread of germs around the house.

      Use natural cleaning products. Common household cleaning products leave chemicals lingering in the air long after the cleaning is over. Opt for greener methods that get the job done without compromising the air you breathe. There are dozens of DIY recipes to create natural cleaners on your own, such as an all-purpose cleaner made of one part baking soda, two parts vinegar and two parts water, not only making for a healthier home, but also saving you money.

      Check your air filter every 30 days. Every breath is a reason to care about your air, and more time spent at home can stir up indoor allergens like pet dander and dust.

      Expose textiles to heat. Just because your sheets are odor-free and the curtains are stain-free doesn’t mean that the fabrics are free of dust mites or other bacteria. Tackle hidden germs by washing your bedding in hot water each week and throwing your pillows and curtains in the dryer for at least 30 minutes.

      For more ways to make your home happy and healthy, visit Filtrete.com.  

      Published with permission from RISMedia.

      Wed, 30 Nov 2016

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