Spanish Mortgages - Property Costa del Sol

If you plan to buy property in Marbella or elsewhere on the Costa del Sol Tony Fisher Real Estate network of local partners, will get the best mortgage rates to finance your new home in Costa del Sol.

What you need to know

There are no restrictions on foreign buyers purchasing property in Spain. It’s important however, to be aware of the specifics of Spanish mortgages before you start the buying process.

When purchasing a property in Spain, you’ll need to think long-term. Spain’s capital gains tax of more than 20% can offset any benefits of buying for short-term investors.

Also, you will need to factor in property transaction costs of around 10–15% of the property’s value. Even if your home rises in value, it is still prudent to bare in mind that you’ll probably need a minimum of three to five years to offset the buying costs.

To get an idea of what sort of mortgage products are currently on the market, we have compiled a list of the top five mortgages available on the Costa del Sol.